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We all know it. Las Vegas is a fun and spectacular place. It is known for the risque, the gambling, the experience unrivaled elsewhere. What is less known, is that Las Vegas offers a variety of entertainment for families of all ages. Here we go!

See a Las Vegas Show

Wow. Of all the reasons to visit Las Vegas with your family, a traditional Las Vegas show must be one of them! Las Vegas is known for its glitz and glam. If you’re in Vegas, it’s essential to experience a Vegas show to feel the pulse of the city. Be dazzled and entertained with musicals, plays, dance numbers, magic or comedy shows. Shows are available that are suitable for all ages, but be sure to check the content of the show before booking!

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

This is a seasonal exhibit well-worth a trip. As a fascinating tribute to nature, awesome horticulturalists and designers collaborate to transform 14,000 square feet into a natural playground that honors the seasons and global culture. Check out their exhibits for a tribute to world-wide themes, such as the Japanese Spring. View stunning botanicals that have contributed to human culture, as well as are functional in the natural world. Take some time to breathe in the fresh scents amongst the city.


Whoa! Take a fast-paced block tour on a zipline. Sure to boost adrenaline and excitement during your family’s adventure to Las Vegas, ziplines offer memorable experiences. Slotzilla zipline and VooDoo zipline offer a unique opportunity to soar above the crowds in downtown Las Vegas. If you’re interested in a zipline in a more natural setting, Bootleg Canyon offers zipline tours through, well, canyons — a beautiful setting for an adrenaline rush.


This place offers rides and attractions for all ages. The Adventuredome features a roller skating rink, indoor rock climbing, a laser challenge, midway games, arcades, clown shows and more. Truly a fun and innocent diversion in Las Vegas. Spend an entire day here and remind yourself (and your family) that life is a thrill.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

We’ve all at least thought about skydiving. Here’s your chance to experience what it’s like. Indoor skydiving is especially fun for kids and teens who are seeking a thrill, but aren’t quite ready for the real thing. For adults, indoor skydiving provides a thrilling sensation without the risk. Enjoy your time in the air with your family, in an extraordinary way.

The Pinball Hall of Fame

This is pretty unique. Located on the Vegas Strip, the Pinball Hall of Fame is a private collection of arcade pinball machines. This hall of fame is orchestrated by the Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club, honoring pinball machines from the 1950s through the 1990s. People of all ages enjoy this tribute, entertaining youngsters and making a fun reminiscence for adults. This place offers 10,000 square feet of pinball! It is truly a nostalgic delight. Enjoy mechanistic purity and share a bit of cultural history with your kids.