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Reservations: Vehicles are rented on a daily (24 hour) basis. The minimum rental charge is one day, plus mileage. All reservations must be confirmed with a credit or debit card. Please note that you do not have a confirmed reservation until you furnish credit/debit card information in person, via phone, email, or fax; and you receive a reservation confirmation via email. Credit/debit cards are not charged at time of reservation; Credit/debit card information is for booking purposes only. All reservations are made subject to availability

Changes to your reservation: Any change to a reservation made online, in person, or by phone will be recalculated based on the availability and prices at the time the change is made. This applies to changes made to but not limited to pickup and/or return location; pickup and/or return date/time; type of vehicle requested; and all other products and services

Cancellations: Must be made within 72 hours of scheduled pickup date/time. There will be a $99.00* cancellation fee for any reservation not canceled within 72 hours of scheduled pickup date/time

NoShow: If you do not show up for your scheduled pickup for any reason without notifying us, you will be charged one full day’s rental charge plus all applicable taxes and fees

Age Requirements: Must be minimum of 21 years of age to rent and/or operate a rental vehicle. Any driver under the age of 25 will incur a surcharge of $9.95* per day

Valid Driver’s License Required: All drivers must have a valid driver’s license throughout the entire rental period. U.S residents must have a state issued driver’s license. All foreign drivers must present an International Driver’s License or Country of Residence driver’s license

Additional Drivers: One driver (plus renter’s spouse or domestic partner) is included in the rental charges. There will be an additional fee of $4.95* per day for all other additional drivers

Driver Responsibilities: The renter and all authorized drivers of the Vehicle agree to: obey all traffic laws; operate the vehicle within manufacturers requirements and recommendations; not operate the Vehicle under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, legal or illegal drugs; (whether or not you have a prescription) not operate the vehicle while using a cell phone or any other handheld device; not to carry passengers in excess of the number of seat belts provided by manufacturer (and ensure all passengers wear their seat belt

Prohibited Usage: The rental vehicle may not be used: (1) by anyone other than an authorized driver; (2) to tow or push anything without the written consent of United Van Rentals; (3) to carry more passengers than the Vehicle has seatbelts; (4) in any test, race or speed contest; (5) to carry passengers or cargo FOR HIRE; (6) on unpaved roads; (7) while the driver is under the influence of alcohol, or any controlled substance; (8) for conduct that could be charged as a crime such as a felony or misdemeanor; (9) to drive recklessly or overloading the Vehicle

Insurance: United Van Rentals provides no liability protection under the terms of the Rental Agreement to the renter or any driver, from claims of injury by others against you resulting from an accident

All drivers must furnish proof of FULL COVERAGE auto insurance that is valid in the USA, prior to picking up the rental vehicle. Full Coverage must consist of auto liability and collision/comprehensive that covers the renter, all authorized drivers, United Van Rentals, and the specific vehicle being rented, OR Renter must purchase Renter’s Liability Protection/Loss Damage Waiver @ 29.95* per day. See Renter’s Liability Protection/Loss Damage Waiver Please note that Credit Card insurance is NOT accepted as proof of Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Warranty Exclusion: United Van Rentals excludes all warranties, both express and implied, with respect to the Vehicle and any optional accessories, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular 


Fuel: The vehicle must be returned with the same or higher fuel level as checked out. (Fuel level will be documented on the Vehicle Condition Report and the Rental Agreement) Fuel will be charged at the rate of $7.99** per gallon to cover labor, processing and the cost of the fuel. United Van Rentals will not reimburse for excess fuel left in the vehicle

**United Van Rentals reserves the right to modify the fuel price per gallon at any time at their sole discretion without notice.. The fuel price per gallon that you pay will be listed on your rental agreement

Prepaid Fuel: If the renter chooses the prepaid fuel option, the renter will pay a specified charge as set forth in the rental agreement and have no obligation to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. The fuel charge is based on the fuel tank gallon capacity of the rental vehicle multiplied by the current regular gasoline rate per gallon 

24/7 Contactless Pickup and Return: You can pickup and return your rental vehicle any time of day, 365 days per week! All paperwork and payment are handled via email from DropBox Sign, our secure, digital signature provider. Keys are left in a lock box. Directions to pickup and return the vehicle and lock box code are provided in advance. No need to wait on line at the checkout counter

Vehicle Return: United Van Rentals offers a onehour grace period. The vehicle must be returned at the scheduled date and time to the predetermined location set forth in the rental agreement. Picking up your rental vehicle past the scheduled pickup date/time does not extend the rental contract. For example: a 3day rental is scheduled for pickup March 10th @ 8:00 am and return March 13th @ 8:00 am. The vehicle is not picked up until March 10th @ 5:00 pm. The vehicle is still due back on March 13th @ 8:00 am. 

Any vehicle returned after the scheduled due date/time listed on the rental agreement will be charged an hourly fee reflected on your rental agreement for the first TWO (2) hours after the grace period. Any vehicle returned after three (3) hours will be charged ONE full days rental (as listed on the Rental Agreement), PLUS all applicable taxes & fees

No Refunds: If the vehicle is returned before the scheduled due back date/time for any reason other than a mechanical issue, there will be NO REFUNDS

Request for Extension: All rental extensions must be approved in writing by United Van Rentals. Extensions may be granted at the sole discretion of United Van Rentals. If the renter requests an extension and the request can not be honored because the vehicle is already scheduled to go back out on rent, renter must return the vehicle as scheduled. Failure to do so will constitute a breach of the rental agreement and United Van Rentals will retain the $500.00 security deposit to compensate us in part for the costs we incur in finding an alternative vehicle to satisfy our next booking for your vehicle

Upgrades: United Van Rentals reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to substitute your vehicle preference with a like or UPGRADED vehicle at no additional cost. Voluntary upgrades will be charged at applicable rates

Security Deposit: There will be a minimum of $500.00 security deposit (per vehicle) on all rentals in addition to the rental charges. NO CASH OR CHECK DEPOSITS WILL BE ACCEPTED. The security deposit must be an authorized holdon a credit or debit card that gets released when the vehicle(s) is returned without incident. The security deposit may be used for any amounts owed United Van Rentals, including but not limited to additional fees for rental charges, cleaning, fuel, excess mileage, damage, tolls, parking tickets, etc. 

Payment: United Van Rentals accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, Company Check, American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard, Visa and Debit Card. (with MasterCard or Visa Logo) If paying by Company check, check must be received in our office at least TEN (10) days prior to scheduled pickup date and we must have evidence that the check has cleared our bank

Regarding all credit and debit card payments: There will be an authorized hold placed on your credit/debit card for the amount of the rental charge PLUS the $500.00 security deposit. When the vehicle is returned, the card will be processed for payment of the rental charge PLUS any additional charges including but not limited to cleaning, damage, excess mileage, fuel, late fees, additional rental fees, etc., and the $500.00 security deposit hold will be released

Taxes, Fees and Surcharges: State and local taxes will apply to all rentals. California Sales Tax 7.75% Nevada Sales Tax 8.375%. GOV Service Fee of 10% and a Clark County Tax of 2% on all Las Vegas minivan rentals

There will be fees and surcharges in addition to the rental charges, taxes and GOV Service fee, that include but are not limited to Administrative Fees; (to cover the cost United Van Rentals pays for administrative expenses to prepare your reservation and rental documents, and for holding the vehicle for you) Concession Fees; (to cover some of the cost United Van Rentals pays for the right to do business at the airport, hotel, and rental location) and Vehicle License Recovery Fee (to cover part of the cost that United Van Rentals pays for the license and registration fees for the vehicle being rented). All taxes and GOV Service Fee are subject to change without notice and will be listed on your Rental Agreement

Cleaning Fee: You will pay a reasonable fee for cleaning the vehicle’s interior and/or exterior for what is determined in United Van Rentals sole discretion are excessive stains, trash, dirt, soilage, odors, pet hair, etc. The minimum cleaning fee shall be $50.00

Animals/Pets of any kind are PROHIBITED in the Vehicle: There will be a minimum cleaning charge of $250.00* if there is evidence that any animal or pet of any kind was in the Vehicle. Evidence includes but is not limited to: odor, hair, feces, urine, pawprints

The consumption of Alcohol in the Vehicle at any time is strictly prohibited: There will be a minimum charge of $250.00* if there is any evidence of alcohol consumption inside the Vehicle. Evidence includes but is not limited to: empty, partiallyfull, or unopened beer and/or liquor bottles; and/or the smell of alcohol in the Vehicle 

Child Safety Seats: United Van Rentals voluntarily complies with any federal and/or state laws that require a child seat for an auto rental. United Van Rentals offers approved Child Safety Seats at all locations. United Van Rentals does not install child safety seats and we are not responsible for any injuries resulting from the installation of or any defects associated with the device itself. The cost of the child seat will be listed on your rental agreement

Keeping the Vehicle Safe and Secure. The Renter and any Authorized Driver, must operate and park the rental vehicle in compliance with all laws, regulations, and ordinances, The Renter, and any Authorized Driver, must refrain from using mobile phones or other handheld devices while operating the Vehicle and must otherwise exercise sound judgment and safedriving practices while operating the Vehicle. You may not leave the Vehicle unattended unless all windows, doors and trunks are closed and locked, and the Vehicle is in a secure location where you are allowed to park. You must take reasonable precautions to safeguard the keys to the Vehicle from anyone other than yourself and any Authorized Driver

No Smoking or Vaping: We maintain a 100% smokefree fleet. No one may smoke or vape any substance inside or immediately surrounding the Vehicle. If, in our sole discretion, we determine the Vehicle smells of smoke, vape, or any other substance, we may charge you a cleaning fee up to $250.00

Key/Fob Replacement: We will charge you a fee to cover the cost to us for replacement if you damage or lose the key or key fob to the Vehicle that you received at the beginning of the rental. Key/Fob charges as follows

Standard Key ($50.00) MercedesSprinter ($650.00) Ford Transit ($475.00) – 

Toyota Sienna ($450.00) Honda Odyssey ($450.00

United Van Rentals reserves the right to amend the cost of replacement keys/key fob at our sole discretion. The actual cost of replacing the key or key fob will be indicated in the terms and conditions of your rental agreement

Responsibility for property: United Van Rentals takes no responsibility for the items or belongings left or forgotten in the rented vehicle. Renter should check the inside of the vehicle carefully before returning or at the moment of return

Parking tickets, Traffic Tickets and Tolls are the responsibility of the renter: By putting the signature on the Rental Agreement the Renter confirms that he/she takes full responsibility for all parking tickets, traffic tickets, and tolls incurred during the rental agreement and any other breach of law and its consequences. If the Renter gets a traffic and/or parking ticket during his/her rental period, and renter pays the amount owed, he/she must present the ticket to a United Van Rentals representative with the payment confirmation. If the tickets and fines described above, and/or any tolls are paid by United Van Rentals, the Renter must compensate United Van Rentals the full amount of the ticket and/or tolls, including any additional fines and/or late fees, plus reasonable administrative charges

Airport Shuttle: All complimentary shuttles to and from the airport must be prearranged and are available only during the hours 8:00 am 4:00 pm PST. Due to airport, county, and insurance restrictions, United Van Rentals can pickup the renter and/or authorized driver only. NO EXCEPTIONS. Airport shuttle is not available at all locations. Please call with inquiry

Vehicle Delivery/Pickup: Vehicle delivery and/or pickup to Airport, Hotel, Business, or Residence may be available, subject to a service charge. (Service charge will vary) All vehicle deliveries and/or pickups must be prearranged at least TWO (2) days prior to your scheduled pickup date/time. Any applicable service charge will be listed on the Rental Agreement. (Additional terms & conditions may apply) Vehicle delivery and/or pickup is not available at all locations, please call with inquiry

Geographic Restrictions: United Van Rentals vehicles are not allowed to travel outside the states of Arizona, California and Nevada without written consent of United Van Rentals listed in the rental agreement. Any vehicle traveling outside Arizona, California and Nevada and/or traveling outside the Geographic Restrictions listed on the rental agreement will void any free mileage and renter will incur a mileage fee of $0.35* per mile from the minute the vehicle leaves the rental location until it’s return to the designated return location. United Van Rentals vehicles are only allowed into Mexico with the proper insurance coverage from a domestic insurance provider that is approved by United Van Rentals and written permission from United Van Rentals listed on the Rental Agreement

Mileage: All passenger vans and minivans receive 200 FREE miles per day with a maximum of 1,000 FREE miles per week. Cargo vans receive 100 FREE miles per day with a maximum of 500 miles per week. All free mileage must be included in the rental agreement. Excess mileage is charged @ $0.45* per excess mile. Unlimited Mileage is not available

Use of GPS Tracking Devices: Our Vehicles may be equipped with GPS tracking devices. We use GPS tracking devices to track or locate our vehicles which may be late for their scheduled return; reported stolen, or suspected of being lost, stolen or abandoned; as may be required or requested by law enforcement; to identify vehicles which may have been damaged and/or require roadside assistance; or for any other vehicle recovery reason. You should have no expectation of privacy or confidentiality as to the places where the vehicle is driven during the rental period

Vehicle Damage: You are responsible for all damage and loss of use that occurs to the vehicle during the entire rental period, and while in possession of the vehicle, even if the damage was caused by someone else, or the cause is unknown

Vehicle Maintenance: Renter is responsible for maintaining all fluid levels, maintaining the correct tire pressure, changing any flat tire, and jumpstarting any dead battery while in possession of the vehicle. If you fill any fluid such as coolant, oil, windshield washer fluid, etc., UVR will reimburse You upon presentation of any receipt. 

Vehicle Repairs: You are not authorized to repair the Vehicle, and may not authorize repair by anyone else, without the express written consent of United Van Rentals

Reporting an Accident/Damage to the Vehicle: If You or any driver of the rental vehicle is in an accident or there is damage to the vehicle of any nature, (a) You must notify United Van Rentals within 24 hours of the accident/incident; (b) If there was another vehicle(s) involved in the accident, You must get a copy of the other driver(s) license, insurance and vehicle registration and forward to UVR; (c) You must report the accident to law enforcement and file a police report (d) You must complete a UVR Accident Report within 24 hours of receipt; (e) You must fully cooperate with UVR, the police, Insurance Company and other authorities in all matters connected to the investigation of the accident

Optional Coverage: United Van Rentals offers a Renter’s Liability Protection/Loss Damage Waiver package for those who do not have FULL COVERAGE auto insurance valid in the USA, and for those that want to use our coverage in lieu of using their own personal or commercial auto insurance. Optional coverage does not have hourly charges/grace period, but are charged as a full day

Renter’s Liability Protection: Protects the Renter and all authorized drivers should they injure another person(s) in an accident and/or damage the property of another person(s) while operating the Vehicle. California requires that automobile liability carry a minimum coverage of $15,000 for bodily injury or death of one person in any one accident; $30,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more persons in any one accident; and $5,000 for injury to or destruction of property of others in any one accident. Nevada requires that automobile liability carry a minimum coverage of $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person in any one accident; $50,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more persons in any one accident; and $20,000 for injury to or destruction of property of others in any one accident. Renter will be responsible for any amount in excess of the policy limits. (Subject to additional terms & conditions

Loss Damage Waiver. Covers any damage to the rental vehicle, no matter who is at fault, including theft, attempted theft, vandalism, towing, storage and loss of use, minus a $1,000 deductible. (Renter pays the first $1,000.00 of damages, United Van Rentals assumes liability for the remainder of the damage. (Subject to additional terms & conditions


OneWay Rentals: United Van Rentals offers ONEWAY rentals to and from any of the following airports


Each oneway rental is priced accordingly depending on certain variables including but not limited to: length of rental period, destination, and season. There will be a oneway return fee* on all oneway rentals in addition to the rental charges. All oneway rentals must be approved in writing by United Van Rentals; booking a oneway rental online does not guarantee the reservation. Please call for availability and pricing. If you have a special oneway request to or from an airport not listed above, please call to see if we may be able to accommodate 


Errors/Adjustments: United Van Rentals reserves the right to correct any mistakes in pricing, and/or terms and conditions provided in any quote, reservation, or rental agreement, by giving written notice to the renter at any time prior to renter signing the rental agreement. Written notice may be in the form of email, certified mail, or regular mail. The renter is deemed to accept the terms and conditions of the correction unless he/she gives written notice declining the correction within two (2) days of receipt of the correction

United Van Rentals will provide you with a preliminary statement of charges usually within twobusiness days from the return of the vehicle. This statement is not final, and you may be responsible for additional charges, including but not limited to: fuel charges; tolls; parking tickets; fines; penalties; charges for damage to the Vehicle; and other charges that have not yet been assessed or calculated as of the date of the statement. You will continue to be responsible for payment of further charges determined later and will receive a refund to the extent we review the preliminary statement and identify any excess charges

These terms and conditions outline most things you’ll need to know about United Van Rentals rental policies. Please check the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement and any additional documents from us


*denotes plus all applicable taxes and fees 

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