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Van Rental Equipment

Portable GPS Navigation Systems

Navigation devicesGPS offers essential driving guidance that is far from ordinary. Pre-loaded maps let you locate addresses and millions of points of interest with ease.


  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • “Where Am I?” emergency locator tells your coordinates and the nearest address, intersection, hospitals, police and gas stations
  • Wide Variety of languages
  • includes sturdy suction cup mount for easy adjustment and quick release

Rental rate: $4.95 per day

Child Car Seats

car-seatOn the road to parenting, there are many choices and lots of must-haves. Car seats fit into the latter category. And with your most precious cargo in tow, it’s crucial to know the proper safety guidelines and choose a car seat wisely. Since car seats are responsible for saving thousands of children’s lives each year, every state enforces their use.  *To help you choose and use the car seat that’s best for your growing family, we’ve put together some guidelines on different types of car seats

Infant… An infant car seat is designed for infants. This is usually from birth until your baby is two years old. Rear-facing only. Birth weight to 20 lbs.

Toddler…  Forward facing 20lbs to 40 lbs.

Belt Positioning Backless Booster…minimum of 40 lbs. Forward-facing only. Does not have a harness. Used to properly position a lap/shoulder belt across the hips/chest of a child from 40 – 100 lbs. Low back models must be used in vehicles with high seat backs and head support.

Rental rate: $4.95 per day
luggage rack

Luggage Rack

Wishing you had more room in your vehicle to haul your gear? For your next road trip, use our hitch mounted cargo carrier. Easy to use, it installs to the rear tow hitch and supports up to 500 pounds cargo. Offering a strong, steel mesh bottom and raised plated sides, you can secure your load by attaching cargo nets or bungee cords. The carrier is, 48″ long, to suit your cargo needs.

Rental rate: $9.95 per day
bike rack

Bike Rack

Hitch mounted bike racks are a very convenient option to transport your bicycles:

  • loading/unloading bikes at a lower height than roof mounted racks
  • Vehicle can still access low clearance areas

Rental Rate: $9.95 per day

Tow Hitchtow hitch rental

Maximum Weight Carrying Capacity:
Gross Trailer Weight: 6000 lbs.
Tongue Weight: 600 lbs.

As far as size is concerned, the Ford Econoline is a van among vans and with great size comes great power. Why not use some of that power to tow a trailer or something similar?

Rental Rate: $19.95 per day (ball and pin not included)